About J&M Brands

J&M Brands is a Brand Extension Licensing Agency owned and managed by Jannienke Mulder and Monique Beck.  In growing your brand and taking your business to the next level, we follow our philosophy embodied in the following 5Ps:

  • Power: We Power your Brands!
  • Professional: Together over 40 years of experience in Licensing & Marketing
  • Passionate: Everything is done with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm
  • Personal: We take a very personal approach to all our partners
  • Profit: Our creative strategy will help you build a profitable brand


Licensing is an essential and powerful extension of a brand. Through licensing, J&M Brands can help create and cement a richer connection between the consumer and brand, which in turn will generate long-term revenue for all parties.


Our licensees are able to profit from the reputation of our brands, offering them uniqueness to their products or services and opening doors to retailers and consumers that have been closed to them before.


Why Licensing is the most profitable way to grow your company:

  • Marketing Power: Take advantage of all the brand and image building provided by the Brand owner.
  • Enhance Credibility: The perception of a brand’s reputation can offer your product or service instant credibility.
  • Add Value: Using a license adds value to your product through brand awareness and perception, increasing your margins.
  • New channels: A license can offer you access to new target audiences and retail channels.