Molang is the trendy lifestyle brand and TV sensation that cannot be ignored. Kindness, empathy, softness and joy; this brand encompasses everything good in this world and if there was ever a time we needed to be reminded of the good things, this is it! Adults and kids alike find comfort in the warm feeling that is Molang! Everybody loves MOLANG. MOLANG loves everybody.


Molang started life in 2010 as a doodle created by a Korean illustrator, Hye Ji Yoon, to express her emotions as a young student. In 2015, Millimages acquired Molang global rights then with author Marie Caroline Villand created and produced the Molang TV series that has been sold to TV channels and platform all over the world!


Kind and affectionate, Molang has a unique, instantly recognizable style. Molang’s TV success grew into a digital sensation and has evolved into a lifestyle brand with a successful consumer products program, with over 7 million followers worldwide and millions of views on its new GenZ oriented YouTube channel!”

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