What is licensing?

Brand Licensing is a legally protected agreement through which a third party leases the use of a company’s brand, name, designs, trademarks and/or likeness from another entity. In its simplest form, it’s a contract that allows one company to use another’s trademarked creation. Through brand licensing a company is given permission to use the logo, characters and/or designs from a brand such as for example Hello KittyHard RockMiraculous on their products.  This way they can utilize the success of another brand and don’t have to create or build their own brand or designs first, which is a very expensive and long process.



Take your business to the next level!

Well-known brands don’t manufacture every T-shirt or coffee mug with their brand or one of their characters on it themselves— thousands of other businesses contract with them for the right to use their characters, logo’s, designs and other trademarks. Licensing is one of the most profitable ways to grow your business fast!

J&M Brands offers licensing, marketing and brand management expertise to take your business to new levels. By licensing the rights to one of our brands, our licensees not only profit from a brands reputation and obtain supplementary marketing support, they also gain access into stores that were unobtainable to them in the past. All of which allows them to increase their revenue exponentially. 

Why licensing is the most profitable way to grow your company

Marketing Power Benefit from the brand marketing and image building provided by the brand owner
Enhance Credibility The perception of a brand’s reputation can offer your product or service instant credibility
Add Value Using a license adds value to your product through brand awareness and perception, increasing your profit margins
New Channels A license can offer you access to new target audiences and retails channels
Brand Extension Opportunity to extend your own brands with minimal investment

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