Unassuming, unsophisticated and undeterred by a challenge, from the minute he walked into the comic strip, THIMBLE THEATER, and muttered his famous “’Ja think I’m a cowboy?” line, Popeye the Sailor Man captured the hearts of millions of fans around the globe.


As the star of his own comics strips and animated series on the big screen and small, he became quickly ingrained in American culture, and today remains one of the most recognizable pop-culture icons in the world. Popeye is tough, he’s fit, and he’s got grit. He is who he is, and nothing will ever change him – An underdog with bulging forearms, a mean uppercut, and a love of canned spinach, he is a rugged sailor who is always up to the challenge and never backs down. Popeye is the embodiment of strength, and inspires us all to work hard, be persistent, and stay “strong to the finish.”

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