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Bored Jobs

BoredJobs is an NFT Licensing Marketplace bringing together Brands and Owners to create a new market for licensing the intellectual property of blue chip NFTs. An NFT (Non-Fungible Token), is a unique digital identifier that can represent different types of assets such as media, art, or digital assets.


The BoredJobs team makes it seamless for Brands to interact with NFT communities; a new group of engaged digital communities that have built loyalty and culture around these high value NTFS. Craft the perfect strategy for gaining organic exposure to your Brand and craft new relationships with digitally engaged audiences.


The most highly regarded NFT is named the Bored Ape Yacht Club. These Ape avatars are a collection of 10,000 NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. They were digitally generated all with different traits, some rarer than others, but each image being unique. Made famous in part due to the many celebs that own their own Bored Ape! To name just a few examples, Eminem used his Bored Ape in a recent song with Snoop Dog, who also owns his own Bored Ape wearing just as he does, a fur coat with leopard skin clothes and everyone following him knows his famous quote on social media such as: “When I ape in, I ape in all the way!”


Super-hot and a popular cultural trend not to be missed out on, this IP begs to be turned into new and trendy unique product lines with an existing passionate community behind it, making it consumer validated IP that is easy to work with. There is even an option to get tailored made extremely cool animated clips for you which are sure to go viral on social media to extend your brand image.


BoredJobs was created by MouseBelt, an ecosystem building the future of blockchain through web3 innovation, media, and education. Past media work includes interviews with top crypto leaders, hosting some of the most significant web3 events, creating a crypto Hollywood docuseries, and animating 100+ Bored Apes NFTs, resulting in some of the most popular NFT videos globally. To view the full portfolio of Bored Apes available for licensing visit the directory on BoredJobs. We look forward to servicing your NFT and Crypto licensing needs.

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