Tara Duncan

Tara Duncan

The Tara Duncan animated adventure-humor-fantasy hit TV show is based on a publishing phenomenon. This book series is a hit across the globe, selling tens of millions of copies into more than 80 countries! Tara Duncan embodies Girl-Power, bravery, empathy and self-confidence. She both encourages and inspires her core audience of 6 to 9 year old girls to embrace all these atributes.


With a Global Licensing strategy set to be launched, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor and profit from what is plan to become the next big licensing hit!

Tara Duncan is an ordinary girl arrived from Earth to OtherWorld to control her magical powers. She wants to help her family to protect the empire of Meme. OtherWorld is a fantasy parallel universe where magic is everywhere! Tara is the Meme’s empress niece, and therefore now the heir to the throne. To tame her magical powers, she takes magic lessons taught by a dragon at school. She meets her friends, the MagicGang. They face villains like the evil Magister who is seeking after Tara to steal her magic to conquer OtherWorld.

© Princess Sam

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